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[Essay/영작] (CM-070) Wrong use of personal pronoun, repetition of object
최고관리자  |  18-06-06 09:33
330. Wrong use of personal pronoun in a relative clause
(X) The book which I lost it was new.
(O) The book which I lost was new.
Don't use a personal pronoun as well as a relative in the relative clause if they
both refer to the same noun. In the first sentence both "which" and "it" refer to book.

331. Wrong repetition of object
(X) The doctor I know him very well.
(O) I know the doctor very well.
In the sentence given, the words doctor and him denote one and the same object.
Therefore, use either doctor or him, but not both in the same sentence.
In general we don't put the object before the verb so the word order in
"The doctor I know him very well" is also wrong.

332. Wrong repetition of object with infinitive
(X) I bought an English book to read it.
(O) I bought an English book to read.
Don't repeat an object with an infinitive of purpose if the verb takes an object.