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[Debate/토론] (Q&A) Men
최고관리자  |  21-09-26 05:51

Are men really from another planet? A lot of women think so. There are a lot of books about how strange men are. This is rubbish. Men are men, the same as women are women. Of course men are not perfect, no one is. Men actually have done a lot of bad things in the world. All of the wars in history were started and fought by men. They seem to be naturally aggressive and wanting to fight rather than talk. Things are changing though. There was the “1980s man”. Suddenly, men were more human. They helped with the shopping, cooked and did the washing up, and they even cried. We do need men. They are better at reading maps than women and men’s sports are more exciting than women’s sports.
* planet = 행성; (특히 환경과 관련하여 말할 때) 세상/ rubbish = 쓰레기 (같은 것)/ naturally = 당연히; 자연히; 저절로/ aggressive = 공격적인/ rather than ~ = ~보다는[대신에/~하지 않고(말고)]/ wash up = 설거지하다

* 질문 *

01. Do real men cry?
02. Why do men cheat?
03. Is it a man’s world?
04. Do men behave badly?
05. Can men be beautiful?
06. Are men getting better or worse?
07. Is it OK for men to wear make-up?
08. What’s the worst thing about men?
09. What are man best at and worst at?
10. Are men more difficult than women?
11. Are men better drivers than women?
12. What is inside a man’s heart and brain?
13. Will men be different 100 years from now?
14. Are men really twice as intelligent as women?
15. What kind of place would the world be without men?
16. What are the differences between men and gentlemen?
17. What three changes would you like to make to (other) men?
18. Why do men like gambling, drinking, smoking and chasing women?
19. Why do men take control of the barbecue but not the kitchen oven?