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[동사] prod(프라:드)
등급 : 고급
단어 : prod / 발음 : 프라:드

뜻 : (v) (손가락이나 뾰족한 것으로) 쿡 찌르다; 재촉[촉구]하다 [prod sb into (~ing) sth]
(n) (손가락이나 뾰족한 것으로) 쿡 찌르기; 재촉, 촉구; 가축몰이용 막대기

뜻(영어) : (v) If you prod sb or sth, you give them a quick push with your finger or with a pointed object. (= poke)
If you prod sb into doing sth, you remind or persuade them to do it.
(n) a poke with a finger, foot, or pointed object; an act of stimulating or reminding sb to do sth

예문 : 그녀가 우산으로 그를 날카롭게 쿡 찔렀다.
뜻 : She gave him a sharp prod with her umbrella.