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[명사] fluff(플럽)
등급 : 고급
단어 : fluff / 발음 : 플럽

뜻 : (n) (동물이나 새의) 솜털; (옷 등의) 보풀(lint); 질 낮은 오락물 (v) 망치다, 실패하다; 부풀리다

뜻(영어) : (n) soft fibers from fabrics such as wool or cotton which accumulate in small light clumps; entertainment or writing perceived as trivial or superficial
(v) make (sth) appear fuller and softer by shaking or brushing it; fail to perform or accomplish (sth) successfully or well (used especially in a sporting or acting context)

예문 : 내가 네 베개 부풀려[푹신하게 해] 줄게.
뜻 : Let me fluff up your pillows for you.